Makeup Primers

Makeup Primers

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Are you thinking “Primers.. now what on earth are they? until recently no one knew about them n now everyone seems to be talking about them!” If that is what is going on in your mind, worry not! Just read this post and you will know all that you need to about Primers, what they do, what is the difference between a primer and a moisturiser and whether or not you need one!

What is a Primer?

Primer is a sort of cream or lotion that ‘primes’ or gets the skin ready for makeup. There are primers available for you face (to be used under foundation), for your eyes (to be used under eye-shadow) and for the lips (underneath lipstick)

What do they do?

They prepare the skin for makeup by hydrating it and making the surface even to improve the coverage of makeup and to increase the staying power of makeup. They form an ideal base coat beneath foundations or eye shadows helping them spread more evenly. Some primers have defined purposes and target specific areas like open pores and help reduce them visibly, cover fine lines, while the others could be used specifically for reducing redness, dullness or for illuminating lifeless skin. Some primers have a mattifying effect on your skin that is excellent for women with oily skin.

What is the difference between a moisturizer and a primer?

Moisturisers are what we have always used under makeup for ages.. But now that we have primers formulated to do specific tasks (like covering pores etc) we use them especially as they are more effective in increasing the longevity of makeup.

I know a lot of people who use moisturizers and then a primer on top before applying makeup. Now that is something I would recommend only if you have extremely dry skin. For everyone else, I suggest that using a primer alone is good enough as sometimes putting on a moisturizer and then a primer and then makeup on top can become a bit too much especially in the summers and if you have oily skin..

When to use a Primer?

Is it a must all the time? No. It isn’t a must that you use a Primer all the time beneath makeup. It can be really helpful to use primers on days that you need your makeup to stay on for long and if you have certain things that you want to correct in your skin. On regular days it is fine to just use a moisturiser under makeup. It is great to know what needs to be corrected on your skin and then getting a primer that resolves that issue. That would make it easier for you to decide whether to buy an all purpose primer or one that focuses on a specific function like refining fine lines, absorbing oil, illuminating skin or even reducing pores.

Hope this post helps you in solving some Primer mysteries that you might have had in your mind. Read my post Primer 101: Find the Perfect Primer that will help you buy the perfect Primer for yourself!